6 Different Types of Bingo: Which One is Perfect for You?

by Jones Ava

Bingo is a game that has been around for centuries. It’s easy to play, and people of all ages can enjoy it. Bingo cards are also easy to create because they have numbers printed in different patterns on them. There are actually 6 different types of bingo: traditional 5-by-5, 10-by-10, 15-by-15, 30 by 30, 40 by 40, and 80 by 80! So which one is perfect for you?

Different types of Bingo:

  1. Traditional bingo is played with a card that has five columns and five rows. The numbers range from the number one to ninety-nine, so every player can have more than one chance of matching their cards.
  1. Ten by ten bingo must be played on a grid made up of ten squares across and ten horizontal lines high. It doesn’t matter what order you put the cards in as long as they are all visible for everyone who wants to play!
  1. Fifteen by fifteen bingo is a game that usually has two players, and it’s played on a grid with fifteen squares across and 15 horizontal lines high.
  1. Thirty by thirty bingo cards have three columns of three rows so that they can be mixed up in any order. One person needs to hold the card for everyone else who wants to play!
  1. 40-by-40 bingo works just like 30×30, except there are four columns of four rows giving each player more chances to win or lose and making it easier for someone else to read their numbers if they’re playing from behind them.
  1. 80 by 80 is an exciting new variant available at some casinos because it gives you eight times the space without using twice the paper!

There are many different ways to play bingo, so it’s all about finding what you enjoy the most. You can play all these variations at Bandar bola.

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